Further Advancements

It was in the first half of the 19th century that the two-piece cue came to the forefront. This was following the great industrial revolution. It was during this time when slate started being used as one of the most common materials for creating the bed of the surface for playing the game. This trend has continued to the modern times. This is due to the quality of slate best used as a material for making Billiard playing surfaces. With the invention of the method of rubber vulcanization in 1845, rails started being made using this amazing material and this has continued ever since.

The Evolution of Modern Billiards

The 15 ball Billiards us considered the forerunner of the modern 9 ball Billiards which is widely played throughout the United States. There are different Billiard games played at present throughout the world. People in the modern times are quite interested in playing both the traditional and the modern versions of the game.